We Need Your Blood!

We Need Your Blood!


Monday, October 15, 2018 – 15:00 to 19:15
Main Hall Civic Centre, Central Circle Recreation R, Fish Hoek
Donation usually takes 30 minutes.
Remember to eat a balanced meal four hours before you donate blood.

If you need more information, please contact us on 021 507 6300 or info@wpbts.org.za



You take the time to prepare your home and list your property.  The family is ready to show at a moment’s notice.   You are just waiting for the offers to roll in after the first open house.  No offers, then a week passes, a month passes, then 2 months….  Showings are almost non-existent.   The confidence you had to begin with turns to doubt, now you are wondering how do I know if my home is overpriced.  The problem now is you need to make some decisions and quick.  You don’t want your home to become stagnant in your local real estate marketplace.

Learn to spot the signs that you may have overpriced your home.


If you listed your home with any decent agent they would have gone overpricing of similar homes in your neighbourhood that have sold recently in a Comparative Market Analysis.  Did you follow your agent’s recommendation of pricing?  Often sellers get emotional about their home and want to ignore the data. Go back and look at the CMA what were comparable homes selling for?


It is important to sell your home in the first 20-30 days on the market.  You should have an influx of showings in the first several weeks. Your busiest weeks will typically be the first 3 or four weeks.  After that showings will dwindle down to almost nothing.  Have you listed your home and have had no showings or very few?  It is only going to get worse.  If you start off with very few showings and have gone weeks with no showing that is a telltale sign your home is probably overpriced.


Your real estate agent should be giving regular market updates.  Are many of the homes that were for sale when yours was listed now sold or under agreement but yours is not?   If your neighbours are getting their houses sold but you are not, is time to go back an review the pricing of your home.


Hopefully, you are receiving feedback on a large number of your showings.  Feedback is a great tool once you are listed.  There are two things to look at in the feedback.  One, buyers and agents may flat out indicate the property is overpriced.  Or two, the buyers are ultra critical of your home.  They may not say the home is overpriced but they ‘nitpick’ it to death.  Remember one or two comments is not a reason to go off the deep end, but if you keep hearing the same thing over and over it may be time to do something about it.


You may be getting showings but no offers.  My general rule of thumb for homes on the market is 12-15 showings and you should be receiving offers.  If you start hitting 20 showings and you have not received an offer it is time to re-look at your pricing strategy.


Your real estate agent can track online views of your home.  If your home is not receiving the views online it will follow thru to lack of showings as well.  Your home is showing up in the home searches but buyers are rejecting it before they even view it online.  Most likely the stats of your home don’t hold up to your competition.


Did you hire your agent solely based on the fact they gave you a higher listing price than everyone else?  There is a name for that in real estate jargon is called buying a listing.  An agent will play on your emotions and give you an inflated list price.  Of course, you are willing to believe it they are the professional.  But, in doing so you probably did not pay attention to all the details like the agents marketing plan or make them back up their pricing with solid market data.  Was your sole decision for hiring your agent based on the fact they gave you the highest list price?


Often a home seller will choose to price their home because of costly renovations that were done for their personal taste and not what would be considered the norms for their price range. A gourmet kitchen in a starter home with upscale commercial appliances is a perfect example.  Or money spent on that braai pit or spa that you like but is just not everyone’s taste.  If you purposely raise your price due to costly renovations you did for your personal tastes then your house will sit overpriced among its competition.


Your listing contract is up and your home hasn’t sold.  At this point, you have missed all the signs your home is overpriced, now its time to get realistically.  Don’t let your home languish on the market unsold.


When sellers insist on overpricing their home they usually fail to see that their home is competing with other homes.  Often when a buyer views your home and ‘rejects’ your home they move on to buy another home that they found more compelling.

First, you must remember buyers are choosing the homes they personally view online.  Your homes photos and statistics must stand up to the other similar home they are viewing online.  And, it certainly must carry through to the showing as well.

A house that is compelling at R3 500 000 amongst its competition will certainly not be compelling at R4 500 000.   First, it will look way overpriced alongside its true competition in the R3 500 000 price range.  Secondly, it will not ‘hold muster’ to the homes priced properly at R4 500 000.


The good news is if you did overprice your home, you can usually overcome it quickly.  The key in overpricing your home is realizing you may have overpriced your home and react quickly.  If you are able to react quickly there is probably no damage that has been done in the marketing of your home.

The worst thing you can do is let your home sit on the market for 90, 120, 180 days without a change. The internet has sped up the real estate market.  In most cases, your home should be sold within 60 days.

Work with your agent to get the data you need to make the right decisions regarding the pricing of your home.  One last thought.  It is almost impossible to underprice a home in this day and age.  If your home is worth more and you give it a little bit of market time it will correct itself.

If you are thinking of selling there will be no more important decision than the agent you choose to manage the marketing process of your house.  You need a straight-talking enthusiastic professional who will explain what strategies will be used to protect your property value.

Article credit:
Edited for South African readers and the South African property market by Andre de Villiers from an original article on Merrimack Valley Estates 

South African Youth Choir @ Norval Foundation

South African Youth Choir @ Norval Foundation

October 6 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The internationally acclaimed South African Youth Choir (SAYC) is one of the most exciting choral projects in the world today. Since its inception in 2005, the choir has showcased its vast abilities on both local and international platform, entertaining a variety of audiences across the globe. The Choir has positioned itself as one of the most sought-after performance choirs in South Africa and regularly performs and records with various local and international artists. The Choir currently consists of 54 high school learners and students between the ages of 13 – 25 years from all over South Africa, representing the diverse cultures of the country. In the true spirit of UBUNTU, the SAYC is a celebration of unity within cultural diversity.

Join us for a night of world-class choral music in Gallery 8, with the option of a three-course dinner before the show at The Skotnes Restaurant.

  • Tickets cost R500 for the show, including dinner.
  • Tickets cost R200 for the show only, excluding dinner.
  • Dinner commences at 18:00 sharp, and the show starts at 20:30. General Members and Art Club Members get 10% discount on dinner tickets.
  • All tickets are inclusive of admission to our galleries which can be enjoyed from 17:00.

Contact events@norvalfoundation.org

Motivated Property Sellers

Motivated Property Sellers

There is no one way to sell a property because no property and seller are alike!  It is a fundamental flaw in the marketing offered by most real estate companies that the same essential package is offered to most sellers.  Little regard is made for the difference in seller’s circumstances and motivation or the area or the property!  It’s a one size fits all or some extra bells and whistles for the more expensive homes.

Well, this is not the case with Chas Everitt Cape Town South.  Over the last few years, we developed a tried and tested system that is centred around the strategically managed release of a property into the market with its own phased approach designed to stimulate maximum interest and response from qualified buyers.

Does this sound interesting to you as a seller?  If you would like to know how you can secure these benefits, you will appreciate we cannot detail this here but if you contact the Chas Everitt Cape Town South area specialist who manages your area they will gladly explain how our management of the marketing process is fundamentally different to what you have heard before.

Southern Suburbs Specialists

False Bay Specialists

#Baboons #ConstantiaBaboons – Stand Together

#Baboons #ConstantiaBaboons – Stand Together

We will all be peacefully gathering along Spaanschemat River Road from Constantia Village Mall.

Saturday 14th July 10-12 Noon

Our aim is to show the authorities who sit on the Baboon Technical Team (being the City of Cape Town, Cape Nature and Sanparks) that we, the residents of Cape Town do NOT want our baboons killed.

Beauty Without Cruelty SA have arranged this gathering and have some posters,  but please also bring your own posters and banners as well and come and stand shoulder to shoulder for our baboons.

* We have limited time to get the word out – Please share this *

Act For Change

Act For Change

Please get all details from Act For Change website

Join Africa’s Biggest Cleanup

When you throw something away – a piece of plastic, tin can, an old battery – where does it go? Do you realise there is no “away”?

And this devastating planet-wide problem of accumulating pollution is not going “away” either.

It’s time to come clean about the effects of our own everyday actions.

Join the Shoprite Group between 14-18 July by joining or hosting a cleanup in your area. Read more about this campaign.

For hosts

Choose a space / site close to your community that needs some love. Keep in mind:

  • Choose a safe area that has access to public transport or parking
  • An area with a recognisable landmark is helpful to ensure people find the starting point of the cleanup event on the day
  • Remember that if you want to cleanup private land, you need to get permission from the owner

We love local hosts

The host should be part of a local network, organisation or business:

  • We really want to engage communities and activate a big number of people to join ActForChange
  • This helps build trust, reaches a larger audience and provides support leading to a successful cleanup

The host will need to man the event on the day and drive awareness in his / her network

  • All hosts are required to count and report back the number of waste bags collected after reach event BECAUSE we need the information in order to substantiate the claim that we really hosted Africa’s biggest cleanup
  • Bags + gloves: All volunteers are requested to bring their own bags and gloves, however, should you wish to supply your volunteers with bags, kindly request a voucher that can be redeemed in any Shoprite or Checkers store in South Africa for a roll of Tuffy refuse bags by emailing cleanup@brownie-points.co.za (please note only a limited amount of vouchers are available for this purpose)
  • The ActForChange platform will send reminders to all registered volunteers for your event

    Please refer to website

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Crime Stats for Your Hood!

Crime Stats for Your Hood!

Crime Stats South Africa displays the latest and historic South African crime statistics in an easy-to-understand format. You don’t need to know anything about police precincts or provincial boundaries. You can search, by address, for your area on a map of South Africa and immediately access the information you need.

We have created this analytical application to be used as a guideline for the reported crimes in South Africa. This should in no way influence opinions on the purchase of a new home, the management of a business or other such matters. The SAPS release the latest crime statistics annually.

Crime Stats SA is the initiative of Meerkat Data Management our online data capture and reporting system. It means that any of our users are able to securely access the system and use it from any place on the planet where an Internet connection is available. No special software is required on any of your PCs – the system operates through any of the standard Internet web browsers.

The Heatmap displays all the precincts in South Africa to you. Each precinct is colour coded.

  • The number of total crimes for the category or categories you have chosen are sorted numerically and then divided into 5 blocks, called quintiles.
  • The first quintile contains the precincts in the bottom 20%, so they have the least crimes. They are shown in green.
  • The fifth quintile contains the precincts that have are in the top 20% in terms of number of crimes, in other words they have the most crimes. They are shown in red.
  • Therefore the colour of the precinct, from green to orange to red, indicates how many crimes it has in comparison to the others.
  • In the advanced Search you can drill down to the area and crime types.

Click here to view the worst ten precincts :  largest number of reported crimes in Western Cape

This content curated for Chas Everitt Cape Town South

Cape Town dams: Joy as water levels jump up by another 6%

Cape Town dams: Joy as water levels jump up by another 6%

What an unbelievable month for the Cape Town dams. Four weeks ago, the facilities were at less than 20% full. But now, they’re pushing the 40% mark.

More news on dam levels here

“The dams feeding the City of Cape Town are now better off at 37.8%.”

The Voëlvlei dam (currently 31.4% full this week), the Theewaterskloof dam (26.6% full this week) and the Bergriver Dam (61.7% full this week) are all showing improvements in excess of 5%.”

“With Bergriver dam having increased by nearly 10% in the past seven days. Up the West Coast the Clanwilliam dam has jumped from 20.4% a week ago to 36%. A few weeks ago the dam was below 6%.”

Numerous Amendments to Water By-laws

Numerous Amendments to Water By-laws

The City of Cape Town last month approved a number of amendments to the Water By-law. In addition to noting the amendments, the City encourages residents to familiarise themselves with what is required of them in terms of this legislation.

Read more below:

On 31 May 2018, Council voted to approve a number of proposed amendments to the Water By-law. These changes were aimed mainly at improving clarity, as well as preparing the City for a more water-scarce future.

Residents should please note that this amendment does not replace the Level 6 Water Restrictions. Rather, water restrictions are implemented in addition to this by-law, when necessary.

Changes most relevant to the general public include the following:

· Landlords must now keep record of consumption for each residential unit in a multi-tenant complex/block of flats, and inform the City if contraventions of water restrictions are taking place

· New developments must install water conservation and demand management systems, or alternative water systems, and these must be approved by the City before development proceeds

· The City’s oversight of plumbers has been strengthened by allowing the City to not only remove plumbers from its register but institute legal action if they are found to have transgressed the Water By-law

· Updates have been made to align the By-law with new legislation, standards and technical specifications.

· A prepayment meter is now an option, in addition to the WMD, as a Council water meter. While this technology is not yet at a stage of development for uptake by the City, having this item of legislation in the By-law allows the City to make use of it in the event that it becomes appropriate and necessary.

· Potable (drinking) water storage tanks must be impervious to sunlight to prevent the growth of bacteria

· No cross-connection must exist on private property between potable and non-potable water systems

· No irrigation of gardens is allowed between 09:00 and 18:00, including from boreholes and well-points. Previously no irrigation was allowed 10:00 and 16:00, and did not include borehole water. Watering gardens in the heat of the day can result in significant water lost to evaporation

· Maximum capacity for toilet cisterns and shower head flow has been lowered. Toilets are now only allowed a maximum 6 litre cistern volume (down from 9 litres), and water from shower heads must flow out at no more than 7 litres per minute (down from 9.5 litres/minute)

· All pools must be fitted with a cover to avoid evaporation when not in use

Read more

Property Valuations City Council

Property Valuations City Council

Every 3 years the City of Cape Town does a revaluation of all properties in accordance with market values to ensure that the property rates charges are assigned fairly and correctly.

How is your property valuation calculated?

Image from Cape Town City Council

Property valuations should reflect the market value of a property. The City uses a property’s value to calculate the monthly rates property owners should pay for their property.

The municipal valuer, as in the City’s valuer, is responsible for producing the General Valuation Roll (GVR) and is assisted by professional valuers, statistical analysts, data collectors, and support staff.

  • The valuations staff collect and review sales that take place around the date of valuation – the latest valuation forms part of the General Valuation (GV2015) Roll with property values as at 1 August in 2015.
  • The sales data is used in the Computer-assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA).
  • CAMA is used by valuers to value properties in Cape Town.
  • To ensure fairness, the GV Roll is audited by an independent body – the GV2015 was audited by International Property Tax Institute.

In most cases, properties are only physically inspected when the property’s information on the valuations database is doubtful or where changes have taken place.

2018 General Valuation Roll (GV2018)

  • The City Valuation Office is currently preparing the GV2018 valuation roll.
  • The new value will be based on sales prices around July 2018
  • The GV2018 will be published in February 2019 for public inspection and objection.
  • Look out for your GV2018 valuation notice in February 2019.
  • More information will follow in January 2019 about the GV2018 and the public inspection and objection period.
  • Implementation of the new Municipal Valuation and your new rates account will be 1st July 2019.

eNeighbourhoods will keep you informed with communications on the 2018 Valuation with comment and advice from professional valuers including from Steer & Co.  To get this information all you need to do is subscribe to this blog or send a blank email to v2018@eneighbourhoods.co.za

* Only 2018 Valuation specific notices will be sent to you *

Information sourced for Cape Town City Council and professional valuers.