Sewage Pipes in Fish Hoek Relined

Fish HoekIn a bid to reduce harmful bacteria spilling onto Fish Hoek beach, sewage pipes in Fish Hoek are being relined.

The project, which will cost just under R2m, will address a number of issues such as sewage leaks or the incorrect disposal of organic waste which creates E. coli bacteria that enters the stormwater system and is then washed out onto the beach.

Pipes are being relined for different reasons in different places, explains Ernest Sonnenberg, mayoral committee member for utility services.

“Corroded sewer pipes under Main Road are being relined to regain lost capacity and to prevent blockages in the system, and the old clay pipes in First, Second and Third avenues are being lined as part of the City’s scheduled pipe replacement programme, aimed at preventing future collapses and lowering the risk of leaks,” he says.

“Inspection of the sewerage network throughout the Fish Hoek and Clovelly areas also revealed a few minor leaks that were allowing sewage to enter the stormwater system. These leaks are also being repaired as part of this project.”

However, in the Fish Hoek area, these are few and far between, and are generally quickly reported and immediately addressed, says Brett Heron, mayoral committee member for transport.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of August.

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